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Last Updated (Friday, 12 September 2008 08:41) Written by asiamind Friday, 12 September 2008 08:40

A one-stop centre where you can find all types of contest and competitions, is the best place for you to indulge in joining contests. To some who would love joining contests and competitions, this is the best place for you to make use of your time where there will be new contests almost every other day. You can be sure to find a contest here that interests you depending on what you like. is the best place to find all the contest available out there as well as providing you with daily contests that let you accumulate points in order to win attractive prizes apart from the standard one time contest which requires you to submit your answers and wait for the results.

At, we acknowledge and believe that joining contests is an indulgence; hence we take it very seriously to provide our registered members with contest every other day in order for them to continue to enjoy what they like to indulge. This is where we will come up with new contests every day. You will have to be a member of in order to join the contests here. By being a member, which is free of charge, you will be notified whenever there is a new contest available. You will receive constant updates on the contest which is up to your preference. You will also receive notifications whenever a result of a particular contest is released. Occasionally there will be online games where you can play against other members of and whoever comes up on top will win points to be added to the account.

Contests Aplenty

Daily Contests: Every day, there will be a new contest but great prizes will not be given out every day. As a registered member of, you will be given an account. For every contest that you join, you will gain points. For every contest that you win, you will gain more points. At the edn of each week, the member with the most points wins the weekly prize. These points are accumulative and at the end of every month, the member with the most points accumulated will win the grand prize of that month. From there on, the member who has the most monthly prizes will win the mega prize after one year. If all 12 months are won by different members, then a contest will be launched for the 12 of you to determine the winner for the year.

One-off Contests: Periodically there will be some contests which comes with a one-off prize. This means that although joining the contest would help you to accumulate points in your account, these one-off contests too have a closing date and a different set of prizes. Such contests are usually those that are tie-in with our sponsors and prizes are also given out by them as well.